October Planet Guide

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On October 05th Saturn starts transiting in Scorpio until end December 2014.

What does this mean? Letting go of something in order for a new and positive transformation in your life. With Saturn it is not often a voluntary letting ago, as Saturn is known as the grim reaper - something that no longer serves you is bound to be cut out of your life for the greater spiritual good. It is how you handle it that counts. If you are prepared with wisdom to handle this transit you will come out shining with a new awareness, if not you will suffer and languish until you have learnt the lesson as Saturn is also the stern teacher.

In Scorpio which is about power, your shadow self, the underworld the warrior and penetrating the heart of things, how it affects you will depend upon where Saturn sits in your chart and where you have the Scorpio in your chart. For example, if you have Scorpio or Saturn in any of the relationship houses (7th for marriage, 5th for love affairs,3rd for siblings, 11th for community, organizations and groups, 6th for your employees servants/labourours ) then that is where your letting go and transformation takes place, as you no longer will you be able to control in this area. You will need to surrender and transform but it will be immensely healing to you if you do.

If its in your 2nd house of material goods you may be forced to let go of something material or let go of the security of a salary for your own business.

However see Scorpio as the magician and Saturn as the confined space in which the magician can focus and create magic… then you will succeed. Just try not to resist letting go of that which doesn’t serve you any more to make way for positive transformation. As Scorpio is both the scorpion and the eagle it is about transforming the desire body of the scorpion and giving it wings to fly and becoming an eagle, thus soaring to greater heights.

Love and Light, Jenny Ren

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