Energy Work

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Energy work is based on ancient occult wisdom and Jenny Ren bases her energy work on a few different sources which she has combined to form her own unique techniques, depending on the client and the situation.During the course of her life she has had access to shamanic and healing knowledge from the following sources; African Sangomas, Egyptian energy work based on the prophetic Islamic medical sciences; Feng Shui; Bushmen indigenous plant medicine, Hindu Vedic Magic Squares, American Indian traditional healing and Shamanism. For the past ten years there has been an increased demand and interest in the energy work which involves burning herbs and using earth air fire and water,It is using the power of prayer and intention with amulets and talismans and magic.

The fees vary depending on the job. All travelling expenses and accomadation if travel is involved must be paid for by the client, plus a fee. Fees range from R3000 to R20,000. Jenny first checks with the pendulum to see if she should undertake the work, she does not do energy work that will be harmful to anyone.That is why she first checks to see if she can take on the karma.

Rates: R3,000 - R20,000


Energy work to Feng Shui a house for good fortune and protection, sale of the house, or to attract love and wealth and good health. Or to banish ghosts and bewitchment. Additional charges for return transport in Western Cape or airfare and hotel accommodation etc. if out of Cape Town.

For example:

  • she has been flown overseas to help win a court case,
  • she has helped a woman get her estranged husband back,
  • she has helped a man to unblock the blockage which prevented him from finding true love,
  • she has helped a partially blind woman to see again,
  • she has cleared haunted houses, building and farms
  • she has cleared energy for residential sales
  • When asked by a woman to get someone elses husband for her she refused as that would be bad karma to break up someone elses marriage.


Once off energy work bundle done on full moon for whatever your needs are. R3,000

Medicine Bags are part of the energy work and contain everything the client needs to work with themselves such as crystals and amulets and herbs and oils with instructions. The other part of the energy work is done by jenny ren with prayer and ceremony. For example clearing a haunted house involved jenny going to the house with the medicine bag and performing the banishing rituals together with the client and leaving certain herbs and gemstones in the house to bring peace and abundance to the new owners. Tell me your problem in an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will get back to you with an energy work solution and quotation.

Telephone Readings

For immediate consultations you can book a telephone reading.  Call +27 (0) 76 528 2994. >>> Please make a payment online first:

R1000 per half hour, R1,500 for 45 minutes, R2,000 for one hour.

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Soul Picture

Discover your soul essence and receive a beautiful picture of your auric field. The picture will contain your numerology numbers, your star sign, and your moon sign with your life symbols picked up by Jenny Ren's psychic ability. This is available to clients worldwide.