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buddhist mantra tipsOm mani padme hum is a Buddhist mantra, which you can count on your fingers or with prayer beads. "Mantras are not magical spells but their effect may be so spectacular as to make you suspect that they are". (Quote from Lillian Too's book Chinese Wisdom, published by Cico Books). The mantra must be said aloud as the voice vibration of the mantra chanting has a cleansing and energizing effect on the aura. It can be chanted as many times as you like, but for beginners it is advised to decide beforehand how many times and stick to it. It is suggested between 33 and 100 for best effect, or as many times as the amount of beads on your prayer beads. In the long term, chanting this mantra brings you good karma, the best time is early in the morning before starting your day, after having washed.

Meditative verse for 2013 by Jenny Ren:

I ask my guardian angel to give me strength To see all obstacles on my path As opportunities to make good Fill me with divine patience and perseverance Fill my heart with unconditional love For all who cross my path today From all four corners of the universe From the starry firmament Reveal my true karma That I might fulfil it Thus recognizing my higher purpose Protect me from all negative energies Guard me from harmful radiation Guide me towards truth and beauty And connect me to divine cosmic guidance In all the choices and decisions I make today.

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