Phone Readings R1,000 -R2,000

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phone call psychic readings skypeYou might wonder, how can I tune in over the telephone. It,s actually amazing, but I can; Somehow I am able to connect to peoples voice vibrations.  As a clairvoyant, I see pictures of things almost as if they float past me as I'm connecting to someone on the telephone, prompted by their questions and with the assistance of tarot cards and pendulum and crystal balls I have been giving thousands of phone readings successfully for twenty years, with the same clients calling again and again (see press releases and testimonials). I was even televised on SABC Free Spirit programme helping search for a missing person successfully on the telephone. One of the funniest moments was when Babette of Cape Town called and was distraught as they had lost the keys to their business which had the car keys and the safe keys on it. “the guides are asking if you have a red couch” I said; “yes, I,m sitting on it”, “reach down behind the cushion” “aah”, she literally screamed” I've found the keys” .
Clients like telephone readings as its very personal and private and they can call from anywhere in the world, from home or in transit from the airport, from a coffee shop or from the comfort of their bedroom.

R1,000 per half hour.

R1,500 for 45 minutes.

R2,000 for one hour.

How to get a telephone reading with Jenny Ren; You must decide on the following:

  1. Length of reading: 30 mins, 45 mins or 1 hour
  2. Write down a few questions you would like to focus on
  3. Pay online
  4. Jenny will give you 3 dates to choose from for the appointment

With the 30 minute option you should be able to cover your current issues and enough time to answer a few new questions that might pop up during the reading.

Max reading: 60 minutes. For a real in depth reading on all your important issues, enough time to do crossing over, ask about family and friends, your health, past lives, message from your spirit guide, and look at your astrology transits. The Celtic cross tarot spread is done to look at the coming twelve months, and during the reading you can ask questions about the answers as well.This is an idea of what you can do in a one hour reading. But you can choose which items you want to have from the above mentioned as it's not enough time to do all of those things.

But there's always a next time, some people ask how often should I have a reading.  It's different for everyone. Some clients phone on a weekly basis as it,s almost like a psychic life coaching experience, as over the years I get to know people and their lives very well so it becomes like a personal relationship I build with people and the reason they feel safe is that they know they can trust me with their issues Its absolutely confidential, and that’s why some public figures feel confident, knowing their secrets will never be revealed, and that they can confide anything to me, and will receive a totally non judgmental response.  I always look at things from the deeper spiritual aspect.

Upon confirmation of payment and booking request you will receive an email invoice with three possible dates and times. Reply with the one most suited to you.You will be given a land line to call or the Skype contact to add. You must email your name, birth date and place and your email address.

From the time you book online it can take anything from a few days to one month to get a booking, Jenny will try to give you a time slot immediately, but it is not always possible, as sometimes she travels or takes a break. Most of the time she responds very quickly. Once you have made a payment and booked you will not have to wait longer than one calendar month to get your booking.

Telephone Readings

For immediate consultations you can book a telephone reading.  Call +27 (0) 76 528 2994. >>> Please make a payment online first:

R1000 per half hour, R1,500 for 45 minutes, R2,000 for one hour.

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Soul Picture

Discover your soul essence and receive a beautiful picture of your auric field. The picture will contain your numerology numbers, your star sign, and your moon sign with your life symbols picked up by Jenny Ren's psychic ability. This is available to clients worldwide.