Secrets of a Successful Psychic

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How to be psychic

People often ask me; did you inherit the gift? Were you born with the gift? Are you a gypsy?

The answer is yes to all of them with one factor….the ex-factor; I worked very hard at developing the gift through disciplined self-training. I’m not a Romany gypsy, but my life has been like a gypsy life with no permanent home , always travelling and on the move, my only belongings being my rags (I always seem to have lovely garments and scarves and earrings) my cards and trinkets, my crystal ball my mobile phone and lately, my laptop. I did partly inherit the gift as one great grandmother on my mothers side; Dorothy from Wales, could read the tea leaves and my grandmother on my fathers side could do spiritual healing.

My parents think I was born with the gift as I've always been a bit different and super sensitive. I know how hard I've worked at the gift and also what I've sacrificed to achieve it. At Christmas time I smiled when my message in the Christmas cracker read: the secret of success is hard work. And I suddenly realized I had to admit that because I've worked so hard at it, I have become a successful psychic with people calling and emailing everyday to book without me advertising.


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I have taken risks and lived on the edge in order to be where I am today. I have carried tables and chairs up stairways single handed to psychic fairs, gone through many cups of coffee while doing loads of readings at these fairs , and always tried to jot down clients email addresses and build up my data base. Clients from fairs invariably refer friends and I always give them a business card, and so the word gets around. Often I have gone to a fair with just the petrol money to get there , or flown overseas with just the ticket , and done a reading for the organizer in return for the stand fee. But once I have lit the candles and set out my cards there’s a queue to see me, and pretty soon I have to turn people away.Its always like that at every fair or public place where I have done readings. I think unless you put yourself out there, you won’t get anywhere. It’s the trust you need, and although you can feel a bit shaky and anxious in the beginning, I pray to the angels for help and am always be blessed, because you are giving the guides and the angels an opportunity to bring clients to you. I always came home with the money I needed for my children, and other nice goodies which I bought at the fair, so although I might set out with trepidation, I return with abundance. It takes courage, and faith. But as the first client leaves the table smiling, you know they will all recommend you to their friends.


When I think of the amazing miracle of this gift I can only think of it as a true blessing, that without a job I have raised and educated my three daughters on this gift alone. Every place I have visited in the world to do readings, even the remotest little village, the clients find me and I’m busy all the time. Sometimes, especially nowadays I spend months at a time at home , not travelling and then I am sustained by my regular clients who will phone me on a weekly basis or book a reading every few weeks. I can never forget my visit to a little town called Stourbridge where I read from a crystal shop, it took one small article in a little local newspaper to keep me busy seven days a week for six months seeing ten people a day, and it’s unbelievable but true. Even when I was at Heathrow boarding the plane to return to Cape Town I was still getting bookings for Stourbridge. I can’t imagine what would happen if I went to a big city like New York, a relative of mine who lives in Los Angeles said “you should come to L.A. you would be a hit.” London was crazy, I was there for 30 days and it was all word of mouth, a string of wealthy clients all referred me to their friends and everyday someone would send a black taxi cab to pick me up to bring me to their plush homes to give private sittings. These days I never know what requests I will receive on a day to day basis; in one day I could be asked to do a ghost busting ceremony in a house, make herbal mixtures for a chest infection or a skin allergy, read the tarot cards for a company director, do a crossing over for a dear departed soul, do a distant healing for someone with cancer, its all in a days work , and I ride the waves of these requests like a surfer without a surfboard, going with the flow and trusting, as I have always done.


Because of all these requests it has become a necessity to build some kind of temple or sacred space in which to perform my work to the optimum benefit of my clients. I had a clear vision in a meditation of a healing pyramid, and that is what I am raising funds for at the moment. The pyramid will be used for spiritual ceremonies, for healing, for readings and for meditation classes and healing massage, as well as for energizing healing potions inside the pyramid for higher frequencies. The healing pyramid will be built out of recycled materials, with crystals embedded in the walls for maximum channeling potential. This is where I am headed for the future and will focus more on healing. I find that as I am doing the healing session, I psychically pick up on information about the person. A psychic report will then be emailed to the client after the healing session.

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