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Messages from satisfied customers all around the world about Jenny's psychic services, and psychic readings.

Stories from Clients

Bongo & Jenny RenBongo, South African actor: Bongo is a client whom i predicted would have a career in t.v. and film and he is indeed a successful actor today.

Megan, Cape Town: In February 2015 I asked Jenny Ren to come and do energy work to help sell my house. It wasn't an easy house to sell as it was next to a freeway and the bedrooms were very far apart. Jenny checked every room and corner with her pendulum and used fire, water , coarse salts, crystals, incense and prayer to remove all obstacles to the sale. I am happy to say, the house was sold April 2015!

Nadia, Cape Town: When I first met Jenny I had lost my eyesight, she helped me to heal with energy work and crystal healing, today i can see and have my own hair salon in Rondebosch.  I am very thankful to her and may God bless her.

Camilla and Jenny2016, great news from a client who asked if she would get a job on a cruise liner, which was her dream.  Jenny Ren predicted that should would be up, up and on her way to her dream cruise ship job within a few months and that is exactly where she is right now! Congratulations Camilla!

Janine, Australia: When I met Jenny whilst visiting Cape Town she said I would get a job as a chef on a boat in the Mediterranean and that my boss would be very well known.  I had a telephone reading with her from the boat and my boss was Johnny Depp.
"I have been consulting with Jenny Ren for 10 years now and that in itself says alot.

StaceyStacey asked about her soulmate, and Jenny read the cards and saw that she would travel overseas and meet the young man of her dreams in Berlin. Congratulations Stacey!

Telephone Readings

For immediate consultations you can book a telephone reading.  Call +27 (0) 76 528 2994. >>> Please make a payment online first:

R1000 per half hour, R1,500 for 45 minutes, R2,000 for one hour.

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