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We may get a surprise if the power is suddenly cut and we get left in the dark. We search for a candle and matches as a solution. Do we realise matches were only invented in 1827, and candles were used every day once before the electric light?

The word candle comes from the Latin candela, a light or torch and from candere, to shine or be bright. In the middle ages wax was considered to represent the flesh of Jesus and the wick was his soul and the flame was his divinity which absorbs and dominates the flesh and soul.

The church used to insist on beeswax candles because of the belief that bees were blessed by the almighty.

“I shall light a candle of understanding in thine heart which shall not be put out”
-the Apocrypha, 2, esdras 14.25

I use candles always when I do readings and crossing overs, as they have a magical effect and always improve the atmosphere and uplift the client as well.

Light a candle and rest by candle light for a few minutes as a meditation before going to sleep. Make a wish when you blow it out.


The July month sees Mars remain in Gemini until July the 13th. Long distance travel could be affected and there could be strikes and disruptions at this time.

However, the Martian energy can be used positively by those who want to network and communicate ideas and by those who want their projects to get noticed.

The 9th of July marks the start of Ramadaan, a month of fasting and focus on faith. People who fast have immense faith that the creator is their source of sustenance and strength rather than food. Although muslims may eat and drink from sunset to sunrise, your stomach tends to shrink and it is really a special experience as I have tried it myself. I found that during a month of fasting my psychic perception increased and my spiritual energies were refined.

The new moon in Cancer on the 8th of July is a good day to focus on cleansing your home or putting something new into your home. A day to practice kindness and compassion and set aside 30 minutes to meditate in the comfort of your room. The July full moon is very special. It is known as the full moon of the guru. It welcomes the dawning of the golden age. On this day you can access unlimited power and the ability to transmit great healing power to others. Waters can rise up in the form of very high tides, but the higher purpose of this energy is to awaken people spiritually. The 22nd of July is a Monday, but you can do the ceremony on Sunday night, the 21st, and go past midnight to the 22nd.

Both Hindus and Buddhists acknowledge this day as sacred, as a time to thank their spiritual teachers and gurus. Usually this is done with a fire ceremony and the chanting of mantras or sacred music. You can try and do this in your own simple way at home, or go to a temple or get together with others on a spiritual path and do a ceremony.

Here is one mantra used at this time:

“Gurur brahma, gurur Vishnu, gurur devo maheshwara, guru sakshat, parabrahmah tasmai, shree guru vehnamah”

It is a good time to access powers for spiritual enlightenment and even prosperity.

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