iSpirit Newsletter September 2013

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Spring is here at last and the whales are frolicking in the sea bringing an element of playfulness and joy to the season. In the northern hemisphere summer is ending as autumn settles in. As the seasons change, we also undergo subtle changes like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon in springtime or a bear preparing for hibernation in winter.

Dancing our way through this incredible journey called life. Keeping aligned to your spiritual centre throughout all the seasons is challenging. In winter it is easier as we tend to be indoors a lot and can focus our energies on inner development through reading spiritual books and practicing meditation. In spring we are pulled outwards towards the forces of nature as the brightly coloured flowers urge us to engage with the cosmic dance. Direct contact with nature is also a form of spiritual initiation, the world of forests, mountains and plant life is full of elemental beings who can communicate symbolic messages to us if we listen and watch carefully.

In summer our souls almost tend to jump out of our skins, and we become one with the sun. At this time of intense heat, the very early mornings are the best time to go inwards and meditate when the cosmic forces are strongly permeating the ether.

In Autumn, as golden leaves gently fall to the ground there is a magical essence in the air and the sunsets are able to give us extra strength for the coming winter months. If we take the time to really sit and watch them their colours have healing energies.

Love and Light,

Jenny Ren

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