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Add to that; a monthly personalized astrology transit analyses geared specifically to your birth date, accompanying each newsletter. R1200 extra.

Add to that; a monthly personalized astrology transit analyses geared specifically to your birth date, accompanying each newsletter. R1200 extra.

Add to that one SMS psychic question and answer each month for twelve months Extra R2500

Add to that your personal astrology chart natal chart emailed to you R750

Add to that three telephone readings booked for 2015 R3000

Add to that a health plan geared to your birth date specifically including twelve packs of herb tea R2500

Add to that 2 face to face readings booked for 2014 R2000

Add to that an online course emailed to you monthly in PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT how to develop all your psychic abilities month by month. A twelve month course. R6000

Face to Face Psychic Reading R1,000-R2,000

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book a psychic readingPersonal Psychic Readings can cover all aspects of your life - love, relationships, destiny, career and more. Psychic readings will help you to find your right path, as you receive guidance and the powers of healing and spirit.

These readings are best suited for an hour sitting and cover all aspects of your life. Come prepared and start thinking of specific questions you want answered.


30 mins: R1,000, 1 hour: R 2,000 or R2,200 including astrology chart.

Some people ask how often should I have a reading. It's different for everyone. Some clients phone on a weekly basis as it,s almost like a psychic life coaching experience, as over the years I get to know people and their lives very well so it becomes like a personal relationship I build with people and the reason they feel safe is that they know they can trust me with their issues Its absolutely confidential, and that’s why some public figures feel confident, knowing their secrets will never be revealed, and that they can confide anything to me, and will receive a totally non judgmental response. I always look at things from the deeper spiritual aspect.

Secrets of a Successful Psychic

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How to be psychic

People often ask me; did you inherit the gift? Were you born with the gift? Are you a gypsy?

The answer is yes to all of them with one factor….the ex-factor; I worked very hard at developing the gift through disciplined self-training. I’m not a Romany gypsy, but my life has been like a gypsy life with no permanent home , always travelling and on the move, my only belongings being my rags (I always seem to have lovely garments and scarves and earrings) my cards and trinkets, my crystal ball my mobile phone and lately, my laptop. I did partly inherit the gift as one great grandmother on my mothers side; Dorothy from Wales, could read the tea leaves and my grandmother on my fathers side could do spiritual healing.

My parents think I was born with the gift as I've always been a bit different and super sensitive. I know how hard I've worked at the gift and also what I've sacrificed to achieve it. At Christmas time I smiled when my message in the Christmas cracker read: the secret of success is hard work. And I suddenly realized I had to admit that because I've worked so hard at it, I have become a successful psychic with people calling and emailing everyday to book without me advertising.


**this is the price for the hard copy and an additional $5 will be charged for postage.

Psychic Healing

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need psychic healing helpMost people don’t believe it is possible, but most people would turn to psychic healing as a last resort, when it should be the first resort. Edgar Cayce was a psychic and a healer he was a great inspiration to me, and has written many books on healing and psychic readings. I have during the course of my work been asked to do spiritual healing. So far it has worked, and this is the new dimension of my work I intend to focus on more in the future. I also believe in distant healing where you channel healing energy from the divine source and send it to people anywhere in the world.

Book & Pay Now!

How it Works:

  • You will receive a herbal pack customized to your condition
  • Distance healing will take place at an arranged time and date
  • EMail Jenny your address, mobile number, photo, birthday, and condition details (ailment) and a date and time you would like to connect.

Start feeling better!

Some unusual healing sessions.

Nadias parents each held one of her arms and helped her to walk into my office. I got a fright as all you could see were the whites of her eyes, her actual eyes were not there, she could not see. Nadia was about 34 and had four small children. She had only lost her eyesight recently. They asked me; would she ever be able to see again; it was a big question. First I doubted myself, then I concentrated and checked with the pendulum, “yes, within 6 months and she will have her own business” They asked if I could heal her.I gave her two crystals to place on her eyes when she slept and some prayers or amulets as they are also called or ayats, in Arabic, as she is muslim so it felt right. 6 months later she was healed and started her own hairsalon.

Dr. Jenny Ren: Psychic & Medium

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Psychic Dr. Jenny Ren is a natural born clairvoyant and medium based in Cape Town, South Africa, but travels the world with her gift. Jenny has given thousands of psychic readings every year for the past 20 years. Her techniques include astrology, tarot card readings, crossing over, the pendulum, psychomoetry, aura scans and crystal ball readings. She has also worked extensively with famous sangomas and healers worldwide. Jenny was recently awarder her certification in traditional healing and medicine by the African National Healer's Association.

Jenny offers onside readings in her Fish Hoek office and occasionally Jenny does a day in the city of Cape Town where you can book to see her at a hotel or coffee shop.  City readings are typically 30 minutes or 60 minutes; bookings and payment must be done in advance. She also does email readings and telephone / Skype readings. Jenny performs energy healing and feng shui onsite. Jenny is quite busy and therefore bookings must be made in advance.

My mom, the amazing Psychic and healer, gypsy woman.

As a child of a single mother, we moved house many times in true gypsy fashion. But the constant factor which stabilized us was there were always candles and incense lit in the evening, there were always clients seeking out her psychic readings, which meant there was always food on the table for us. And every evening she sat at our bedside and prayed to the angels to protect us all and bring beautiful things into our lives.

Over the past twenty five years I have sometimes helped take bookings for her, and also worked as her p.a . Luckily I'm a scorpio so I was a natural at being business like , where she tends to float on a bit of a cosmic cloud , as she is sagittarius with libra rising with a water triplicity. But I believe the water triplicity gives her the great empathy she needs to do her work. She seems to have a magical way of stepping right inside a person and feeling what they feel, and can very easily cross over and slip into other realms to contact the deceased. She also has an uncanny ability to pick up on people over the telephone. She has telephone clients in London, America, Europe and Africa. Unlike me, she won't do Skype, she says it interferes with her psychic energies. She also does her phone readings on a landline only as she says the mobile phones have radiation that can cause cancer. She eats very healthy foods in order to be a good channel for psychic energy. She visits me at our farm every week to pick from our organic garden and to pick herbs from our herb garden to make healing preparations for her clients. That's because she is also a registered traditional healer, a doctor of traditional healing which is quite an Honour in our country, South Africa.

We were raised to believe that all spiritual paths lead towards the light and she immersed herself in many different spiritual paths by studying Sufi healing, yoga, Hinduism, she studied Arabic enough to use the healing powers of azeemats in her work when necessary , which is a type of energy work using handwritten talismans in Arabic, she studied feng shui , and African traditional
Healing as well as anthroposophical medicine.

Of course what clients like most of all are her tarot card readings for which she is famous. She has appeared on T.V several times, done public clairvoyance, been interviewed on every radio station and in every newspaper here, even in a local newspaper in the U.K which led to an astounding number of bookings when she visited there, she had no less than ten clients per day for the six months we visited there and a ghost taught her how to do crossing over! My mom recalls; I found myself in Stourbridge as a guest of an old friend, as I was strolling down a little lane I noticed a shop with crystals and tarot cards in the window. I went in, there was a little sign saying psychics from wales upstairs last weekend of every month. I enquired at the counter wether I could give card readings upstairs for a few weeks. "No" replied the lady firmly and bluntly.

I returned a few days later, a young man was in attendance. We got chatting, "oh, there's a good reason she said no, it's because there is a ghost upstairs who slams doors and breaks things." "Well, I'm from Africa and we understand these things, maybe I can clear the ghost for you and send him on his way peacefully?". At that moment the lady came in and the two of them chatted, "o.k love, she said, a tad friendlier than the day before, go on up then, if you succeed you can consult from here. Up I went, I set down my bags, lit candles and incense and made myself some coffee in the interleading kitchen. I sat down, I thought prehaps they were just joking. But, just then there was an ominous creaking of the kitchen door and a hard slam shut noise.i casually sipped my coffee, oh well maybe it's just a once off breeze, I thought, although all windows were shut and no wind was blowing. Again, creaking, door slamming and......a mug in the kitchen fell to the floor and broke. O.K I thought, let me begin. I prayed with all my might and main and started to see the man.

He had lived there once upon a time and was an alcoholic. He had died all alone tragically by falling down the stairs after a night at the pub and had left with unfinished business. I picked up that he was very sad because he had lost touch with his entire family and had died lonely and depressed. No funeral either. So i did some special prayers for him and sent him healing. I saw his whole face change, he had just wanted a bit of human love and remembrance, he was radiant now and smiling. Look here, he said, as a way of thanks I want to show you a way to do crossing over. I listened. "You see the candle flame there, just stare at it and the deceased you are trying to contact will communicate with you through the candle flame." I thanked him, and sent him in his way with love and peace. The owners of the establishment were well satisfied that the ghost had been laid to rest! They invited me to do readings there every day. Now another strange bit of synchronicity happened there. My late grandmother was a spiritual healer. Ever since I started working as a psychic a newspaper article would feature me on her birthday. Lo and behold, on 20 October a local newspaper reporter came for a reading, and wrote a large article with photographs in it and with the crystal shops phone number. The phone was ringing off the hook! People came from far and wide for crossing overs by candle flame and tarot card readings. Recently a friend of mine who has a wine farm booked my mom for a day to do readings for her and her fiancé and to clear the old farm house of a ghost.

Yes, my sisters and I took full advantage of having a psychic mom, we used to ask her to tune into what questions would be asked in exams, needless to say we each got several A,s for our A level examinations!

She does not travel so much any more, and does most of her work from a home office overlooking the sea. People contact her from all over the world, and I think it's amazing that at sixty she is able to give of her best due to all the years of experience and still always seeking ways to improve her gift by studying astrology and natural medicines. .

Read More: Energy Healing with Jenny >>

Telephone Readings

For immediate consultations you can book a telephone reading.  Call +27 (0) 76 528 2994. >>> Please make a payment online first:

R1000 per half hour, R1,500 for 45 minutes, R2,000 for one hour.

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Discover your soul essence and receive a beautiful picture of your auric field. The picture will contain your numerology numbers, your star sign, and your moon sign with your life symbols picked up by Jenny Ren's psychic ability. This is available to clients worldwide.